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Kuga Headlamp Adjustment For Europe.

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Dear all

Can anyone answer this question.

We've got a new titanium x kuga on order and it comes with xenon lights.

Now the French are quite keen in obtaining our money with on the spot fines and we will be going over twice this year.

I called Mr Ford and asked the question on how to change the left dip to right and thee answers were many and varied. They were....

Don't bother.

Have the lights changed at Dover by one of our technicians.

Print out from the ETIS site a headlamp data form mark the headlamp and either tape it up or marker pen the selected area to block out the dip.

Don't use beam benders as they can cause the light to overheat and it won't be covered by warranty.

So is there anyone one who actually knows the easiest way to alter them or are the beams flat and I don't need to bother at all.

Even the tech guys at Ford are unsure. So a car that cost 30k can't be driven abroad without the fear of the local Feds "taxing" me.


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have you read what it says in the manual? it should either state if you can do them yourself or if it need to go to the dealer.

on headlights with projection lenses, like yours, the light cut off is determined by a metal cut out behind the lens which is upside down and when the light passes through the lens its the correct way round.

now there is usually a leaver which you can move within the headlight to flatten the flick up. it wont change the beam pattern so the flick is on the other side.

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Thanks for the reply. I don't have the kuga yet... But the dealer say there's nothing in the book and there is no switch on the headlamp according to ford tech guys. Thanks

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it could be a case like the facelift Jaguar XF, they don't have the lever to flatten the flick. Jaguar did issue a special service message stating that there is no need to add beam benders as they are acceptable for Continental use.

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