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2006 2.0 Petrol. Clutch Or Just My Driving...!

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Hi everyone.

Almost a week in and I'm happy with my new mondeo.

Simple, no hassle motoring was what I wanted and she's just that.

I have one question:

Clutch, how many miles would you expect to get out of one? I think mines fine as there is no juddering or smells I'm just finding if I drive sensibly it's hard to mesh the gear together. To be clear, lowish revs, change gear and as I lift the clutch there is a small but noticeable clunk as it engages. I'm used to silky smooth BMW's (diesels) so think it might be me not feeding in the revs right ???

If you accelerate hard it's smooth and never slips etc. I think I just need to get used to a free revving petrol?

Also, what's the cam belt intervals on a 2006 petrol?

Thanks in advanced for your replies.


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there chain driven.the only belt is aux belt that drives powersteering,air-con should be changed every 50k or 4 years. mines on 135k the clutch is gd but i sometimes find it bit notchy.even my last mondeo was that had 210k on it :blink: :D

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