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Exhaust System Change Mk3 Mondeo Tdci 130

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Just wondering on opinions for best exhaust setup for my new mondeo my last motor had much debate of certain pipe diameters and number and design of silencers cat/decat etc etc , this I know is a noobish question but just want the best ideas from folk basically

Thanks in advance


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The standard system is 2-1/4" which is quite big for a 2.0/2.2L engine

all the mk3 diesel exhausts are identical (2000-2007 /2.0 TDDI/ 2.2 ST-TDCI) exept the ST-TDCI has a "cosmetic" visible pipe coming out of the back-box and the early cars have an additional middle box

The most restrictive part of the system is the back-box, so if you just delete this (and replace it with a straight pipe) or replace it with a "straight through" silencer the resulting system (with cat still on/ otherwise stock) will outerform even a decatted (2-1/2" ss decat) system with heatwralpped downpipe/ decat - this has been tested/ proven

once the back-box is "sorted" its worth doing the decat,

many decats are 2-1/2" to go for the "ultimate" best with one with a "mandrel" bend in it (does not "squash down" in the bend) straight decats (without a bend into the downpipe/ flexi) have to make a "sudden" turn so are not as good

if you have a middle box/ silencer just leave it on- it is a straight-thru type so not (very) restrictive, with the back-box delete, and decat, you will have a "straight through" 2-1/4" system, this will be good for quite a few Hp

you could go up to 2-12" but you would have to replace the entire system (starting with a 2-1/2" decat, 2-1/2" downpipe/ flexi- and the entire rest of the system must be 2-1/2" or more) - there is no (or little) point in making one part bigger without doing the whole length

2-1/2" inch systems are not easily/ commercially available so would have to be custom made - expensive

so the 2-1/4" (stock) system with back-box delete and decat (you can heatwrap the downpipe/ flexi and decat as well) is a good "compromise"

no point in dual / treble quadruple pipes / tailpipes, its "micky mouse"/ cosmetic (sorry guys) - all it does is add weight and the y-piece can add turbulence - a single pipe/ tailpipe has the lowest weight/ highest flow and lowest surface area vs volume/ flow

its debatable but there is probably no point in going over 2-1/2" on a 2.0/ 2.2L under 400Hp

Noise is highly subjective (one persons "too loud" is anothers "perfect") but the turbo cuts down a lot of the noise - and some have MOTd and ran their mk3 diesels for years with a completely "straight through" system (no silencers) - with a VNT, you get a "weeee" sond when you change gear/ lift off, so i recommend adding a "straight through" type silencer if you do a back-box delete, especially if you do a decat and d not have a middle silencer present

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Thanks for that reply , not had a good look at the front part of the system yet as too whether cat /dog an it's shape but was going to remove back box anyway and put my back box on there which is 2-1/4" inch connection as it is , gonna be looking to remap as well at some point

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