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Window Regulator Repair

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I've got the repair kit here and thinking of tackling the job tomorrow. Is it pretty easy or an I likely to struggle and end up with no window?

Anyone an idea how long it should take?

A link to a walkthrough would be very helpful if there's one knocking about.

The car is a '99 focus estate.


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well i had to do 1 on a galaxy,not a repair kit but a doner regulator,if its anything ike the 1s on the galaxy then you do need 3 hands when you try to wind the cable onto the plastic spool within the motor gubbins.just take your time.

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Cheers. Haha yeah, very fiddly.

I got it done today, it took a good couple of hours simply because it's a case of winding first cable on, wind second on, attempt to put plastic wheel in place, dodge flying bits as it unravels, start again.lol

Anyway, all done, couple of cut knuckles and plenty of swearing and I don't need to get out of the car at car parks any more.


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