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Do Ford (Sony) Radios Get Stolen These Days?

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I'm looking to upgrade the standard 6000CD Radio in my 2009 Focus Zetec S to a Ford Sony Radio,

I'm just wondering if that will be any more desirable to thieves these days?.

They are only secured with 4 screws and the codes can be obtained online,

I suppose ST & Titanium owners would know by now if they were more likely to be broken into.

thoughts & facts welcome,


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Yeh I'm looking at a couple on eBay around the £100 mark, not alot really,

but that's not going to stop some scum wrecking the car to sell it for £50 down the pub for someone else's Focus lol

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A Ford Sony radio is about £800 from the dealers so there will always be a risk of theft however they are reasonably discrete enough to be ignored in favour of more desirable aftermarkets in other cars.

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I was reading some stories from a few years ago that thieves were stealing them to use a chip in them for

hacking Sky TV boxes and/or Playstation, I don't believe that, but they were still being nicked back then.

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A story from Leeds too! (I'm in Leeds, and not the best of areas)

Luckily they were years ago and I'm sure they've gotten over it, and the hardware has changed a few times since anyway.

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I think the chances of one of these are slim. The type of criminal that nicks car stereos is looking for the easiest car/easiest stereo to actually steal as quickly as possible and also wants to be able to shift it on as quickly and easily as possible. It's much easier to do this with an aftermarket stereo rather than a OEM model that's specific to the dashboard of 1 or a few models as they are limiting their potential client base.

I would say there is no more risk of the Sony being nicked than the cd6000 it replaces.

Then again when I lived in Grimsby ("Yorkshire" to anyone who doesn't live in Yorkshire even though its not) I was a victim of car crime 4 times in 3 years all nicked stereos and also nicked wheels as well on one occasion. That was 15 years ago when cars were easier to break into, since living in west Midlands I have never experienced it in that 15 years, unless you count car park dings/dents :lol:

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Me and my Wife have had these in various Ford's since they began in 2003 never had an issue with'em and there park outside on the drive every night , great sound would'nt have owt else:-D

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