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Strange Noise From Under The Car (I Think)

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I am pretty clueless when it comes to car, so please bear with me.

A few days ago I started to notice a faint noise coming from under my 58 reg 2.0 Diesel S-Max when the car was moving.

Best way I can think of describing the noise was as it I had some chicken wire wrapped around the wheel and the noise was made when it was grinding against the metal arch around it when moving. Not very scientific, I know... It was so convincing that I even stopped to have a look it there was anything there (there wasn't).

The sound seem to come and go, but I couldn't find any correlation between speed, road condition, etc and the sound itself.

Anyway, today the sound become more prominent, so I tried to give the car a shake, and there seem to be a sound coming from the side when doing it. Not the same sound, but none of the other 3 wheels makes any sound when shaking.

I therefore suspect something to do with the suspension for that wheel - I wouldn't be surprised considering the state of the roads here...

Am I on the right track, and if so what shall I do next? It is a matter of straight to the garage for example?

Thanks in advance,


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I'd get the spring checked on that corner, the roads are very punishing on them.

I had one break a few weeks ago.

If it is the spring then get them to check the strut top bearing at the same time, my garage didn't and it cost me another £115 for them to strip everything down to replace a broken one.

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dunno if there fitted to the smax but when i ran my lexus common problem was something like a disk gaurd,thin metal that had bent??

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