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Mk3 Mondeo Knocking Like Cv Joint


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Hey guys and gals

I have a 2001 mk3 mondeo lx (1.8) and it developed a knocking on the left hand (passenger) side a while ago. I have replaced the full drive shaft with inner and outer cv joints, the damper, the top mount, the wheel bearing, both front tyres, all four anti roll bar links as well as all four anti roll bar bushes yet the !Removed! thing is still knocking!!

The noise itself sounds just like a bad cv joint except it only makes it at speeds of around 20mph plus and it happens on a straight road but is noticably louder when the left front is loaded around a right hand corner. The noises also occurs when I coast in neutral and doesn't seem to male any difference whether I am going up or down hill, only when turning right it becomes louder and turning left you cant seem to hear it at all. The noise is getting worse overtime though and I can now feel the floor vibrate with each knock so keen to find a solution. It passed MOT no problems with this knock too... any ideas?

One last thing, the noise is definitely related to wheel speed rather than engine speed. It seems to be a knock every time the wheel goes around once

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check out the bottom ball joint sounds similar to my focus but on the drivers side found out it was ball joint (cos it failed mot on it) its worth a check though m8

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