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Warning Lights For Abs & Stability Control Shave Appeared On Display Panel


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Can any other users of the S-Max club please advise on my problem.

My 2010 S-Max TDCi Titanium had its annual service recently, new front discs & pads fitted as well.

Since then the warning symbols for ABS and ESC have been permanently illuminated on the dashboard upper display, instead of going off a few seconds after starting the engine.

I can't tell if the ABS and/or ESC are still active or not.

Non franchise garage who did the service suggest that an electronic fault has occurred coincidentally.

Any ideas anyone?

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Hi again to all the S-Maxers out there,

Re my first post yesterday concerning warning lights for ABS and Traction Control, staying on,

I decided that there was not anything seriously wrong with the braking system, after a few judicious jabs on a quiet road near me, early this morning.

Bearing in mind that this fault only appeared immediately after some work had been done on the front brakes, I decided to whip the front wheels off and have a gander at that area.

I wondered about the black lead above the O/S/F suspension and steering swivel, and when I gently felt this cable, its plug fell away from its socket.

I cleaned it up and replaced it securely, checked the N/S one, which was still secure, put the wheels back on and Hey Presto, a 10 second road test showed the pesky warning lights behaving normally again.

I guess that the black lead might be connected to the wheel rotation sensor which will tell things to the ABS and Traction Control parts of the ECU.

The moral of this story, check this plug for security whenever you are working on this part of the car.

Hope it is of some help to y"all.

best wishes


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Hi Ray, A result indeed! however, I would say - let the garage know! its nothing major and just an FYI, but if someone not as savvy had this done, they would have had to pay a garage to resolve the issue, so its worth getting them a heads up to prevent it happening again!

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