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Replacement Key - Confused

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Sorry if this has been covered before, I did a search but couldn't find anything specific to my query.

I have just purchased a Fiesta 06 plate, which has one remote key (like this) and one normal key (like this) - the latter has a blue W1 chip.

I am under the impression I can order a blank remote key, the get a high-street key cutter to cut it, then program the immobilizer and buttons myself with my current keys?

I keep seeing keys for sale but they seem to be just the remote part but I need the whole key.

I am in the Midlands, I've read 3D Auto will do the key much cheaper than Ford? A local key cutter said they can cut the key for £15; they did say they can encode it to start the car but couldn't do the buttons, but I said I can do all that, I just needed it cut so it'll work in the lock barrel. A quick look on ebay shows I can buy the remote and the key section but at a more expensive price than I thought :S

Basically, I just want to know my options on what I can do. I don't need the key but having a 2nd that can do remote unlocking would be much easier.


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Any Ford Focus built after 2004 had the option to self programme keys to the immobiliser removed, I can't categorically state when this was removed from the Fiesta but Ford did at some point.

You will definitely still be able to programme a key to operate your central locking but for the immobiliser - not 100% sure as stated.

There are full keys available from ebay, best option is to get one and give it a try.

If it won't self-program then an auto locksmith will need to add it to the PATSII system using an IDS module and it will still be much cheaper than through Ford.

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I see, although I am struggling to find any complete blank keys as some come with everything but the circuit board inside, others are just the metal key, yet others are the remote section.

If I purchased a used ford key, then a blank metal section, could I just swap the metal section over, then re-program the key using my two original ones? The manual for my car gives a lot of detail about programming but I don't know if I need a completely new key or if I can overwrite any information from an old key.

Does that make sense?

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Thanks for the info.

I will speak to Ford and see if they will tell me what I can and can't do before taking the plunge.

I am guessing it might be possible to:

Get a blank metal section

Get an old remote section (from another car)

Join them together

Teach the "new" key the immobilizer code and button codes using my two original keys

Get the "new" key cut my a local key cutter to operate the locks and ignition.

I will report back my findings :)

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Or take the transponder chip out of your existing non-remote key and put it into a new remote key so you'd only need to cut the blade and program the central locking.

I know you'd still only have two fully functional keys but the non remote one will be useful in emergencies to manually unlock the doors but not start the car.

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