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Ford Says I Need Crankshaft Pulley After Cambelt Replaced

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Greetings All!

I have a 2005 Focus 1.6 TDCI. It went to the Ford dealer 10 days ago for a major service at 125000 miles which included a new cambelt. So 10 days later it's now making a clattering noise coming from the belt. It went straight back to the Ford dealer and now they are saying that the noise is the camshaft pulley which needs replacing. Having just spent a load of money on the service I'm really not happy and they want to charge me some more money now to fix this.

So do I have a leg to stand on? Is it just a coincidence that this part has failed just days after the belt change? The part alone is £150 + VAT!

: )

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To be honest, although the pulleys are used, they arent replaced as part of the service, so its likely going to be seen by them as a new issue. You could try query the fact that it was fine until they made the change and you are not happy, but I expect they will still offer to do the job at your expense.

Alternatively, call a few local independant garages and get a quote with and without parts for the pulley replacement. You might find that you can buy one yourself and still get it done for a fraction of that price.

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Ah ok thanks, yes I figured it's going to be bad news : ( ..but I'm finding that a lot with the Focus. need to keep it for another year now though with all it's cost me.


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