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Replace Aux Tensioner


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Hi, the aux tensioner on my 2000 2.3 Petrol Galaxy has just collapsed hence no power steering etc, to remove it do I just undo the bolt on the tensioner normally (anticlockwise) or is there more to it then that.

It's been making noises for ages now and garage didn't know what pulley wheel it was coming from, well now I know :)

Belt looks ok, but do you recommend it gets replaced just in case.

P.S. Haynes manual don't explain how to remove the tensioner only the belt.


Ok, it's all sort now phoned Ford service to see if any special tools were needed for my model and year and there's not so for anybody needing to know here goes.

Note: The following is for a UK Spec Ford Galaxy 2.3i Zetec with AC. Other models may differ.

Required items:

15mm Spanner/Socket (for tensioner release)

19mm Spanner/Socket (for tensioner removal)


Ford Galaxy 2.3i Zetec With AC.






Remove the underside tray if your Galaxy has one.

Using the 15mm spanner/socket on the tensioner bolt (the one that holds the pully, facing the offside for UK spec). Turn this clockwise up into the engine bay to release the tension on the belt.

Slip the belt over the tensioner and release the tension.

Now look behind the tensioner itself and you should see a 19mm bolt, undo this and the tensioner will come away from the engine.


This is the reverse of removal, the tensioner has 2 lugs small and large, align these with the holes from where you removed the old one and tighten the 19mm bolt making sure not to cross thread (finger tightening is good first of all).

Once tightened you can retension the belt using the 15mm spanner/sprocket, this is the same as releasing the tension by turning the tensioner clockwise.

Job done.

This can be done without without jacking up the vehicle and takes approx. 15-20 mins to complete.


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@Dazza, check the level and condition of the power steering fluid. From memory it should look like nice clear black currant juice!

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