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Max took off all our badges from the rear of the car yesterday with exception of Mountune and the White ford oval badge. It looks much better, I felt it was a bit cluttered before, will get a piccie up later.

How did you take the badges off?

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dunno, I will ask him how he took them off, I know the Fiesta one snapped in half as it come off though, have not left any marks on the car, looks strange but better I think.

Nipz- yeah both of them are off.

i have now done the same to mine but replaced the badge with another, i started another topic with the picture on ;)

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mm ooh aarghhh NOPE lol

Camera battery charging now as I am off to meet my new 2 day old neice this afternoon, so will have camera in hand and promise to take the pics - car is filthy though as its in and out of Mountune so much Max hasnt had time to clean it.

So wish my OH would be up for washing the new car when it is here - kinda guessing thats never going to happen tho!

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