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Speedo / Fuel Gauge Fault

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please help,

I have a galxay 1.9tdi 2001 with 118000 miles the car has devoloped a fault which i'm sure most have seen but i can't find anyone that has found the cure.

here goes: The speedo has stopped working and when you start driving the fuel gauage goes up and down.

things that i have done are: replaced the speedo with a 03 model which works fine but runs MPH to fast, so i bought another second hand one which came off another 2001 model and have the problem, so i'm gussesing that my clocks are fine. i have checked the wiring that goes in to the clocks and they are all free from corresion, also done a wiggle test on them.

As the 03 clocks work i know its not a fault with the speedo sensor or fuel sensor as work fine with those clocks it just reads wrong MPH e.g when i do 70 it shows 110mph

Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix, driving me up the wall now

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Gary, I had a problem like that a few years back n if my memory serves me correct it can possibly be faulty brake light swith or maybe something as simple as a fuse/relay. Hope it helps ;-) I'm actually having fun with my electrics. Fuse box is sending me morse code and my interior lights are like a disco. Hoping it only a relay :-D

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I had a similar fault on my V6 but maybe the same system.

I had done work on my engine and I forgot to put the speedo sensor back onto the gearbox!

So it could be your speedo sensor that is at fault.

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