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Currently driving a mk1.5 focus 1.6 zetec petrol, car has been brilliant but clutch is starting to slip, therefore I'm hoping to get rid of it fairly soon. With regards to its replacement, hoping to go with another mid sized hatchback, what are your thoughts on the 1.6 petrol vs 1.8tdci focus mk2? Or even a mk5 1.9 tdi golf?

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Golfs can be over-priced and over rated for what they are - they are not as good cars as some make out but the 1.9 diesel is a decent engine

the 1.8 diesel Focus is a good choice (over the 1.6- there is another thread about that on here) -


the diesel has massive tuning potential (if you are in to that sort of thing)

and with a (quick/ easy) remap the 1.8 diesel can be made significantly quicker than the 1.6 petrol but still returning a better MPG

After driving petrol cars for years i am a diesel convert - i could never get a petrol car that has the performance and economy of my diesel though i might have a (powerful/ fast) petrol car as a 2nd car/ weekend "toy" not as a "daily driver"

if you can avoid diesels with DPFs (diesel particulate filters) especially if you plan to do a lot of town driving

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