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Ford Fusion 04 Plate Eac Fail Help Please

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Hi, im new to this forum. As above i have a ford fusion and am getting EAC fail message. When it happens car goes into limp mode (doesnt stop) i get no error lights on dash but if i turn engine off and re-start it goes ok for awhile. I have had a new throttle body from ford and not long ago had a new clutch switch. There is an error code which indicates i need a software update which can only be done by ford by putting it on the deep diagnostic machine for £106.80. Now i know jack about cars and am wondering is this worth doing and could it be the problem solver. Any help would be much appreciated


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Hi Samantha,

Sounds like its probably going to be the case, unless its a faulty throttle body. Have you not got a way to read error codes yourself? or visited an independant who might be able to diagnose it for you for a lot cheaper?

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Been to my usual garage who said one of the codes came up with clutch switch. When he looked at mine it looked fairly new but swapped it for another one free of charge (think they took pity on me as im always there lately) but they said the other code was for update which they cant do for me. I went to Ford and spoke to them and they advised me to drive it for awhile to see if problem still happens and if/when it does to make a note of the weather conditions and where i was when it happened ie pulling away from junction. Im tempted to do update but am i better in waiting to see what happens as dont want to have diagnostic done twice by ford incase update dont work as not got the money. Sorry if im not making much sense but not good with cars Thanks :)

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Hi Samantha, your on the right track! no point forking out twice for the same issue, however, most dealers will charge you the diagnostic fee anyway (before they even do the update). In which case, if you had to go back a second time, I would argue that the fault is present, its the same issue as when they last charged to "diagnose" and repair, and as such request they do it free. Depending how friendly you are with them or how firmly you do this, you shouldnt be charged a second visit.

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