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Mk5 Fiesta Brakes, Are They Terrible In General?

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Hey guys! Its LF here. Today I bought my first car. On the way back from the previous owner's home, my dads friend was complaining about the fiesta's brakes, he said they were "spongy and terrible" and that he had to think ahead in order to stop in time. He said the brakes are there but just not very good. Is it like this with all MK5 Fiestas? My driving instructor's 63 plate fiesta has a spongy brake pedal but the brakes are really good, so im slightly confused whether its the car itself or if the brakes need replacing / bled.


Any ideas?



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Could be that it needs a service, new fluid, pads and disks should tighten them up, alternatively it could be as simple as bleeding the brakes

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Bleeding the brakes would be the first place to start. I had a spongy brake pedal on my mk3 and bleeding sorted it.

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best advice would be to jack up the front end of the car (helps the bubbles escape), then remove the brake fluid reservoir cap, then sit in the car and just pump the brakes till they start to fight back. Then, Start the engine and just keep pumping the brakes, you should feel that it starts to firm up a little more. when it gets to a point it seems to be at its max, pop the cap on and then just keep testing the brakes, it should hold its new form.

If that doesnt work, your likely to need to bleed the brakes using the brake nipples.

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