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Catalytic Converter £2500

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Hi Ford Owners,

I noticed that my Ford Focus Petrol 2005 was loosing power when accelerating so decided to take it to an official Ford garage. My Mrs took it in and initial charge was about £160 and they have come back since stating that the Catalytic converter has gone and if they replace it it will cost £2500!!

Can someone confirm that this is madness and possibly advise on an alternate solution?

Kind Regards


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What you dont realise is for that £2500 - they are actually taming a domesticated cat, putting it in the exhaust, and teaching it how to use its lack of opposable thumbs to grab each dirty molecule, strip out the poisons and noxious gasses (whilst staying alive) and pushing nothing more than gold dust out the back of the car :D

I think they are taking the mick though. I had a cat done years ago for £250 and that was on an old banger. I see no reason why you should have to pay even half the cost Ford are quoting, call around a few indies, and ask them their price. They will do it for a third of that if not less!

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I suspect you will find the cost of the cat is around the £250-£300 mark (fitted). Depending up the exhaust setup, the part alone is probably about £250 max - I wouldn't pay anymore than that. (non ford part)

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