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Ford Mondeo St Tdci

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Ford mondeo st tdci - buying the car.

I've seen mondeo at tdci for sale. I'm going to see it tomorrow and see what it is like check the usual rust spots how it runs and all that usual stuff. But the only worry I have is the mileage. It's a 54 plate with 120000 on the clock. Is there any advice you can give me. Weather it's a good but for 2500 are there any other things I need to look for or... Well just anything that owners of these machines can offer me. Cheers

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Make sure that the Injectors have been reconditioned if not replaced outright, and make sure that the timing belt has been replaced.

if it has had a new turbo better still, but also see if the DMF and clutch have been replaced.

If you get all of the above on the service history, I would say buy it now, think later!

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Also, think about ride quality and whether the shocks will need replacing as with that amount of miles, they are probably past their prime. Might be a good idea to get an uprated set of shocks(Bilsteins) if they are worn out and can also use this to bargain the price down :)

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Injectors, DMF, EGR, - does not have a timing belt but a chain (Mondeo mk3 2.0 / 2.2 diesel) that can last the lifetime of the engine - it has an aux bult that drives the AC/ alternator that can rattle at tickover if worn, though

EGR can be fixed with a solid blanking plate (£5) EML may come on but thats not much of a problem

DMF can be fixed about £400-800 either replaced or upgraded

Injectors can be expensive - they are delphi and were never designed for low sulphor diesel - only the high-sulphor diesel that is no longer available - this is the real achillies heel of the car

rear calipers/handbrake can sieze/ play up, rear subframe bushes wear out - If it has a long MOT these things may have been sorted

Minor things - rear bumper drops and jacking covers fall off/ get lost - boot can leak - paint comes off alloys easily - brakes and front tyres can wear quickly on hard- driven cars

check the AC works - anything extra you find wrong is ammunition to try to get the price down

Its a lot of car for 2.5k and worth owning - when it is going well it is nice to drive/ own and pulls like a train and even has good MPG

120,000 is not that high a milage and some of these above things are likely to have been replaced/ fixed

Watch out for black smoke from the exhaust and exessive rattling at tickover (the engine is the same as a transit so its not the most refined in the world so its never that quiet anyway)

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Thank you everyone. Unfortunately bloke sold it before I could go and have a ganders at it. Cheers though that's information will defiantly come into use.

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