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Mondeo Mk1 Poor Starting

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I have a 1994 Ford Mondeo Mk1 1.8 Petrol. Recently it has become

difficult to start. Previously it would start on the first turn of the

engine. Now it requires 2-5 bursts of starter. Sometimes it will catch

and immediately die. Once it has started it's generally ok, except I

have had once case of it dying whilst idling within 5 minutes of

starting. I also had a couple of cases of it dying whilst driving. The

problem can occur with a cold or hot start.

Also, the fuel consumption has worsened from around 36mpg to 32.5mpg.

I have new plugs, air filter and O2 sensor. There are no fault codes

found with either KOEO or KOER tests. It can also perform a Cylinder

Balance test perfectly. The fuel pump runs for a few seconds when

the ignition is turned on, and the immobiliser light goes out after

6 seconds.

I understand this has an Idle Speed Control Valve and an Idle-increase

Solenoid Valve. I wonder if they may be at fault. But I would have hoped

that a fault code would be logged. The engine also idles perfectly

during running.

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It could be a number of things, however if it is ideling smoothly it would suggest the ICV is ok and that there are no air or vaccuum leaks.

When was the fuel filter and HT Leads last changed? These may have some bearing. Also what gap did you put on the plugs?

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Fuel filter was changed about 40,000 miles ago. The plug leads around 35,000. I found that the leads caused more problems at higher revs, under load. The plugs are pre-gapped at 0.9 (NGK).

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I dont know what the service interval is for the fuel filter on yours but they used to be every 25k. Because the leads aren't changed very often these days they tend not to like being pulled about like when you change the plugs. They may have suffered some damage, but you are right they the usually start to play up under load when they are on the way out.

I would change the fuel filter and then put a really good fuel cleaner through it.

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