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Jolting When Engine Is Idle..

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hey guys,

i drive 2006 mondeo diesel, and i notice that when the car is first started up in the morning, its jolts quite a bit. always starts up fine, runs really well, and once warmed up the jolts pretty much go away. It had a diagnostic test a week or so ago as i thought could well be glow plugs but nothing came up. Had a new egr valve put in so it isnt that. Could it possibly that the car needs a good blast to perhaps clear out any dirt in the tank?


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maybe block of the egr valve... fill tank chuck in some bg244 run tank 1/4 full or just below... replace the fuel filter... add quality fuel and take for a blast.....

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Thats one option however, I believe that either your plugs, or your harness may need reviewing.

The best thing to do is pull the glow plugs out and check them for resistance. if you pull them and turn the ignition on you should see that it glows brightly, if it doesnt glow at all, or glows poorly then you will likely need a new plug. The error code doesnt tend to appear until most or all of the plugs are affected, or the harness itself is faulty.

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i have to go out my way abit to go to a proper fuelling garage but if it solves the problem then i guess its worth it. but yeah ill give that a try :rolleyes:

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Changing the fuel - at least as an experiment - must be the easiest thing to do, so I'd certainly give that a try. If you have to use supermarket fuel, I'd prefer Sainsburys/Tesco/Waitrose to Morrisons (and Asda would be even lower down my list...cheap, but it seems to reduce mpg, for me). But really, give Shell/BP/Texaco/Esso a try, and see if that helps. You probably shouldn't have to go up to one of the '10p a litre extra, superfuels' but you might try that too, as it might work more quickly. An additive would be another possibility, but try the better fuel first, to see if there is any difference.

(And avoid any of the 'high bio' things like the plague, until at least you've got a handle on things.)

At least you shouldn't have to fill up too often, so it shouldn't add too much to your driving distance.

There is the possibility of a leak in any of the pipes around the turbo or the egr. I don't know why this would be worse when cold, but I suppose it could happen.

After that, glow plugs, fuel filter and EGR are possibilities and then injector leak-off test. Hope the problem shows up before you get too far into that list!

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