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Disable Rear Windows From Global Opening?

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Hi Guys,

So, I have recently had to put the old "kids sun screens" back in the window. As I dont have the pennies to go buying the window blinds at the moment.

As a result of course, these are now stuck on the window which doesnt play so well when it comes to wanting to use the windows. As such, I have disabled the rear windows from my control pad, but as daft as it sounds, I only want the front two windows to open and close with the global opening and closing.

Anybody heard of a way to make this happen? short of stripping the doors and disconnecting the regulators, I dont really want to have to go that far!

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I don't think there is a simple way to isolate the rear windows, except for disconnecting them, the only problem is you will not be able to open them from the control pad either.

I think the only option would be the rear windows having their own power supply, completely separate from the front windows and control box.

If by wind blinds, your meaning the UV shades, they may still pop in if you open the windows.

The paperwork says not to open the windows more than half way with the shades in, I opened mine about a quarter of the way and they still blew inwards.

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Cheers Steve, I thought that was the case, but I dont have the blinds, just have those cheapo stick on shades. I would definately buy the shades again if I could get the money together for them!

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Good thinking there mintalkin, although I am not sure that would work (might still give it a go though)

Basically when you use ELM Config on the MK4 mondeo's it actually does a full reset on the BCM after its written to it, so it simulates the reset of the battery, all that tends to happen there is that the drivers window loses its one touch up and down, but the others still benefit from the global open and close. But then again, I havent tried the battery, so next time I top up the tank I might give it a go (I am on par for another 700+ miles tank and dont want to lose the program thats keeping me on track for it :p)

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You could remove the fuses for the back two windows to disable the back windows altogether till you can do get a more perminant solution the fuses are in rear fuse box by near side rear light numbers are fa3 and fa4 25a fuses

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Thanks Aaron, might well consider that one! although today showed me that it will be beneficial to keep them active at least, so I will probably reconsider this more come end of summer :)

I will keep you guys in the loop!

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