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Hello hopefull helpers,

This has probably been a topic several times before so please bare with me. Just got back from Spain and like a muppet left my house and car key there, my only car key. However, tried tweeking door open in the top corner and able to access both door handle and boot release but nothing. obviously the deadlocks are on. is there a way to get in because I can get new keys and full set of locks ecu and transponder on eBay for 40 quid. Not working at the moment and can't aford to be ripped off by dealer or auto locksmith. Is it possible or do I drill the lock out? Would appreciate any feedback.


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You need to get an auto locksmith, its the only way your getting in there.

If the deadlocks are on, even drilling out the lock will make no guarantee that you will release the deadlock.

If you want to get into that car, the easiest and cheapest way is with a brick through the window.

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I think your best option here is a locksmith, damaging your vehicle in anyway can work out to be costly very quickly, a new window will be a pain plus fitting, even if you did manage to drill out the lock it wont open the other doors so you're looking at wrecking all locks, that will probably be more costly than a locksmith.

I think your car alarm/immobilizer will still be armed as well and neither of those can be disarmed without a key, even if you did get a new set there is still the problem of disarming the alarm and immobilizer, get a quote from a locksmith and get a quote from ford for a new key because i really don't think it will be as simple or we'd all have our cars stolen daily plus eBay can be a hit or miss at times specially if you don't know anyone who's gone down that road before

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An Auto Locksmith will carry a tool which will read the lock splines and enable him to open the door in one go.

From the code off the lock tool he will then be able to cut a Tibbe key to fit your lock.

I would recommend you preempt him by buying a blank key off eBay that you can then give to him so he can cut one for you.

Make sure it has an immobiliser chip included so you will be able to have the key programmed to start the car as well.

This key will serve you just fine and will save you about £100 on Locksmith or Main Dealer prices-


This is the type of tool they use to decode Ford Tibbe locks-


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Thankyou very much for your feedback. I am an Engineer and it really gets to me that big companies have the upper hand. I am not a thief, but just trying to get a T code for a ford car that I own. I have been directly to ford. NO JOY THERE. Brick through window is not an option, but I WILL perservere and I will win. Thankyou again and I will keep you posted. Watch this space.

Best Regards.


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No worries Peter, your best bet really would be for an auto locksmith, its the quickest answer!

Have you contacted wherever you stayed and asked them to return the keys?

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