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Ecoboost 1.6 150Ps And 180Ps Differences

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What are the differences between the 150ps(147bhp) and 180ps(179bhp) 1.6 EcoBoost engine.

Is it just a different ecu map or are there other upgrades ?

Many Thanks

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Fearbox, lol.

Yeah I think the gearing is the same, the main reason to reduce power output is to be able to charge more for the full 180ps variant, but also keep the insurance group down on the lower spec models for those that are more conscious of budget.

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haha, yeah clearly my spelling tonight is as good as my conscious state....

if it wasnt entirely clear, I did mean gearbox :p

But as Alex said, they basically underpower and restrict the use of the stock hardware to make sure that you can get a decent price on the insurance policy, but still leaves room to get more out of it. they only change the gearbox for the high performance variants, such as the RS or ST, alternatively for the 6 speed variants, but if its 5 speed, it tends to be the same from LX / Style, through to Titanium.

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Thanks for the replies.

So running something like a Superchips Bluefin on the 150PS should bring it upto the same power as the 180PS and wouldn't overstress the engine components.

Also how much extra bhp do you get on overboost ?

Many Thanks.

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if i remember correctly, i remember reading the power for the 180ps version i used to own stayed the same, but the torque went up from 177lb ft to 199lb ft?

I need confirmation on this though!

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The bluefin update is a generic map which is why you may not necessarily see a BHP upgrade, but the Torque can go up.

if you click the ad at the bottom of the forum and have a look at the available varieties, it will give you the average upgrades that it can offer.

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