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Fiesta Upgrade

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Hi guys,

I'm currently driving a Fiesta Zetec S ecoboost, I've seen quite a few people upgrading theirs to the new ST. After a lot of consideration I'm really tempted on doing the same. I've had my one remapped and having around 155bhp with a 0-62 time of around 7.6 seconds. So I know with noticing the power outlay I'm probably not going to find too much of a power upgrade output, except higher gears getting to x amount of speed in a quicker time.

Originally I bought the ecoboost for MPG but awhile ago I changed jobs and have less than a 8 mile round trip (urban) to and from work so I no longer have to worry about the expenses of my fuel as such.

I've decided that if I do upgrade I will have the optional SatNav and EATC so I can notice more change within the car and have a few more gadgets, as well as having the Street Pack and possible City Pack (already have on my ZS).

This is where I need your inputs to help me decide on this part - do I either;

1) Buy a second hand ST-2 with all the added extras I'm looking to have for a cheaper price, around the £14-15.5k mark? I have seen a lot around for sale second hand, based around the country from Ford Dealers.

2) Buy a new ST-2, add the optional extras. However have an extent of discount on the car, I receive around £1000 discount from my employer but I also have a Ford Privileged discount card, which should be able to give me discount on top of that too (I hope, but perhaps not).

Then go on to upgrade the car to perhaps a MP215 or different stage upgrade with somebody else.

I'd love it if some of you could have your input and tell me what I should do!

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