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Bigger Size Wheels For 55Td Van

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I want to change the wheels on my escort van 55td (year 2000).

At the moment they are the original 13'' which is being a pain to have a garage with the size tyres I require(165x80x13)

Is it possible to fit 15'' wheels off a ford ka, (51 plate) with no problems?

I must apologise if this has been posted before :mellow:

many thanks

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Not realy sure tbh i should'nt see a problem in 2"! My mate put 19s on his astra van with no probs!

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to be honest that wont make any odds. SatNav sees you travelling in a stright direction on a flat line so doesnt reflect the up and down!

if your going from say 135/25 r13 and go to something like a 205/55 r16, then you are looking at a massive difference. Differences can be fractional i.e. couple of miles an hour, or can be as big as 20 or 30.

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From 13" to 15" the difference is around a 1mph over-reading on your speedo, so 30mph on your speedo is really 29mph actual speed (according to an online calculator!).

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