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Where To Download Latest Stereo Firmware Update???


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I am trying to download the latest firmware for my 2010 Fiesta Titanium and everyone has been redirecting me to this link http://www.ford-mobile-connectivity.co.uk/downloadsUpdates but it doesn't exist anymore.

Any idea where I can download the latest firmware?
I'm hoping this will solve issues I've been having with my Fiesta linking within my iPhone over bluetooth. It keeps connecting, then failing to connect next time I get into the car. It sorts its self out if I remove the fuse from under the glovebox.
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A similar problem on another site led to this possible answer for your problem

dwf123 wrote:
to the "Unable to Connect" issue with My Ford Mobile. I have tried all
the #1 fuse removal which used to work, but alas no longer. I will be
calling Tech Support tomorrow. It has been several days, sometimes it
just reconnects but after 3 days I am thinking not this time. If any
one else has a new technique please post. Otherwise I will report back
Thanks, Wood

I has this happen. Had to fully
reset the MyFordTouch stuff on board (as suggested by Ford Tech
Support). That also meant reconnecting the myfordmobile (which involves
the 24 hour wait), my phones, etc. Not fun. I hope that i will not
see the issue again.

In you car,
1. Select the gear icon button at the bottom of the screen.
2. Select SETTINGS
3. Select SYSTEM
4. Scroll down and then accept MASTER RESET and accept both warnings.
5. Once you do the Master Reset you will need to reenter your car in My Ford Mobile.

do not tell you to take out the navigation SD card, but remember to do
that. They also don't tell you to that Internet Explorer will not allow
you to reenter your car information, you need to use the Mozilla
FireFox browser.

After doing the above I was immediately
reconnected to My Ford Mobile. You do not change your user name, emaiL
address or password and you do not loose your travel information in My
Ford Mobile.

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Hi guys,

Great post. I have just purchased my 09 Fiesta Titanium and I don't have the update so I can only use my bluetooth for phone and no music.

I have followed the instructions on this thread and I cannot get it to update.

Here is what I have done:

Downloaded Nov12 zip file and extracted it to my computer.

Transferred all 21 files to a FAT32 Formatted USB stick

turned radio on without the car started

Inserted USB stick

Pushed the power button but did not start the engine (keyless)

Message then comes up "Update failed. Please restart update"

I haven't hard reset the system as I am not sure how to do that. I don't have the options that are listed above.

Any help will be appreciated.

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5 hours ago, LaurenceT18 said:


Very late question.

So I am wanting to update my stereo so it’s has Bluetooth connectivity to play music, however I don’t have a USB port in my 09 Zetec S?

Can anyone help?


You need the USB port to update so that suggests you’d need a new module and to install a USB port in the car

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Haloo.I receive the mesage:update fail please restart...on my sony cd with bluetooth/focus2 2009.

I have followed the instructions on this thread and I cannot get it to update.

I transferred all 21 files to a difrent FAT32 Formatted USB stick and the same error.

.Anyone fix this error?

Any help will be appreciated.


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Sorry to bring an old thread back to life but i have updated my radio using this method but i still have no information on the little lcd screen between the dials . I have read somewhere the software on the radio has to be version 5 or above , did i read that correctly and if so can this be done ? thank you

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