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Changed Down Pipe Now The Car Has Lost Power And After Heating Up It Cuts Out


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Hi, the down pipe on my 2002 ford galaxy 2.3 zetec(petrol) was damaged so I bought a new one and had it replaced, but now my car has lost power and cuts out after it heats up, but the temp gauge is fine, then I have to wait for the car to cool down then starts up again but still has no power, when I rev it's like the car is struggling too move, pls I need help, I'm do stressed out this car is eating up my money, the aa guy came plugged the car into his machine and he said it's coming up with some temp sensor and transmission, can anyone confirm this and explain to me clearly, thank you

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Did you get exactly the same downpipe as you had before?

All I can think of is if you're running to lean/rich or if you've lost pressue

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