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Diesel vs V power Diesel


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I used to use BP Ultimate Diesel in my Fiesta TDCi Zetec-S. While I never felt an increase in power, I definately gained on fuel economy, by around 2mpg, which to be honest probably wasn't enough to out-weight the extra cost at the pump!

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it costs more for little return.. but if you don't mind the cost and use the motorway alot, its fine..

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i used to have a diesel clio, used to run dog rough on anything other than v-power diesel haha, possibly to do with the mileage but i personally noticed an increase in MPG, even a little on power (not that you could get much more power out of 65bhp lol)

if you get a leaflet from Shell they explain the difference.

standard diesel over time will begin to leave deposits in the engine and clog things up where as the v-power stuff is a more refined fuel. their leaflets show a visual comparison between the two fuels, and the v-power is a much cleaner looking fuel, its up to you if you want to believe it or not tho haha

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On a recent trip in europe I managed to sample few fuels and got to say V Power in a TDCI 2.0 does make some difference, Car pulls better and runs smoother, however here is a clanger.

Fill up with Shell normal diesel and you notice difference but as great slightly less response but still great, and MPG still great and egnine nice and smooth and quiet., however when I filled up with BP, Total and Esso the car felt like a bag.

Engine had to be worked much harder to get same results and progress, intitially I thought it was me but.........

Since then with group of mates we did some tests all in different cars and results where basically,

Shell Standard Diesel better MPG, egnine response,smoother quiter better than BP ultimate,

Shell V Power not much on MPG but better engine response and smoother pretty much best fuel on offer but costly

Fill up with BP or Esso and you find car gets noiser and less reponsive and MPG drops even when on ultimate.

This was done on VW Passatt, Focus 2.0 TDIC, BMW 320D, Peugot 207 D and few others all pretty much came back with same feedback.

What ever shell do to their diesel its !Removed! good as it seems to run all our cars better, and just to put a curve ball to it, Sainsbury's City Diesel seems to do as well as Shell as well.

Lets say since then pretty much we all try to use Shell now on,

While also unconfirmed I did read somewhere a while back that the Shell Extra Diesel is around on Par with BP ultimate in terms of the mixture and V Power is the next step up.

Could explain this but also is great as down south SHell tends to be the cheaperst around

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