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Dvd Sat Nav System Installed


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Been a long running job but I've finally gotten my new DVD Satnav etc head unit fitted.

Will admit job took me quite a long time to get done, partly as I did a few things differently than the guides on here plus first time learning for dismantling most of the interior trim for getting all the reverse camera wiring routed from tailgate through to the dash.

The online guides on here have been a massive help, big thanks to everyone who put time and effort into posting and contributing to these - wouldn't have even known where to start without them :)

Couple of niggles along the way have been sorted one way and another - reverse camera needed a decent amount of surgery to fit the tailgate finisher but it still works and the seller was decent enough to refund my payment for it, and had some probs with the SD card missing and DVD not wanting to work, i.e. access settings (till I tried putting a disc in it :rolleyes: ) but the seller (asure) has been really helpful.

Most of work I've done means everything fitted is nicely hidden behind the trim but end result looks like this


The black vinyl was a last minute idea before refitting the radio fascia. Only done it rough for now so I can see how it looks. I've always preferred the silver dash trim instead of the fake carbon but things looked a bit out of place with black radio then silver AC panel and buttons, would prefer these in black too but still working on that.

Got to get used to how the system all works now, not had much time to read the manual yet.

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I actually quite like the two-tone fascia - well done!

BTW, I also bought camera from asure and had to send it back as it literally went on fire :)

I'm liking it so far thanks, just need to give it some time and see what other 'ideas' pop into my head - I'm not usually that good on the creative side :blink:

Seller for the camera wasn't usasure, the free camera they sent was the universal type that bolts on. I used a different seller as I wanted the one which 'just' clips into the tailgate finisher.....

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Looking good. What version sat nav have they given you? I bought one of these units at beginning of 2013 and it had igo8 installed on supplied sd card. They then sent me an updated "igo primo" version about 6 months ago, as they (a-sure)said free updates with all purchases! Thing is the updated version doesnt support speed camera locations, and although in non route/gps mode it tells you current speed, when you go into navi and set a route the speed is not supported when navigating/travelling. Not much use to me and have put the igo8 sd card back in...not saying I exceed any uk speed limits of course ;-)

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Greg, I've got the Primo version of the sat nav - it's very early days with it so far, managed to upset it by picking a cockpit scheme it couldn't find, and would like to get a 3D model of a car on the map. Still waiting for their SD card to arrive as it wasn't with the head unit, they sent me the map update and I've just put it on another SD card for now.

Seeing as I can't find the option just to set units to imperial I need to learn how to use the basics before I start getting clever with it.

Too much to learn all at once :blink:

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