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Gearbox oil


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hi wonder if anyone can help, i have a Focus estate Mk1 noticed there is a small wet patch ungder where the gearbox sits, since then been having trouble selecting 3rd gear. Any suggestions also dont really want to spend money on gear box or clutch as getting rid of the car in august so could you tell where to re top the gear box from.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. :)

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On the lower front side of the transmission housing, you will see the filler/level plug, which has a large Allen key fitting. Note it is the plug furthest from the engine; where applicable, do not confuse it with the blanking plug near the bellhousing, unscrew the filler/level plug from the front face of the transmission.

The oil level must be between 10 mm and 15 mm below the bottom edge of the filler/level plug hole (use a cranked tool such as an Allen key, or a piece of bent wire, to check the level).

If necessary, top-up the level with the specified grade of oil . Add the oil in very small amounts, and allow time for the oil level to stabilise before rechecking the level

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