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Steering Wobble


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I've got a 2007 Focus and whenever I'm doing about 60mph+ the steering wheel starts to wobble. The faster I go the worse it gets. Tyres are in good condition from what I can see and I've just had the wheels balanced which did help but there's still some wobble. What else should I look for that could be causing this?


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I presume having the wheels balanced that the pressures were done too? I've found that just a couple of psi difference Can feel a lot through the steering wheel.

If that's ok and the tracking done etc then it could be worn bushes.

Is it worse under braking or just cruising?

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I don't think it makes any difference from braking, not that I've noticed anyway. I'll get the pressures checked tomorrow and I'll see about getting the wheels aligned as it does seem to want to pull to the left ever so slightly when I let go of the wheel at any speed. Thanks

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No problem. I have a similar problem at the moment on my focus but it wobbles worse under braking. Thought it was discs warped but isn't so I'm at a loose end trying to find the problem.

Tyre pressures being the same has improved it though and is certainly the cheapest option!

let us know what solves the problem.

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You could try swapping wheels front to back and see if that improves or makes the problem worse?

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I had exactly the same problem.

After 2 wheel balances it still wobbled.

Turned out one of the tyres was defective.

Try changing the front and back tyres around.

If not could be tracking.

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