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Focus Diesel To Gas Convesion ?

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Hello everybody i have a Focus Mk2 2.0 TDCi , and lately i have run short on money and my car is a bit expensive in fuel so i gladely read this post saying that actually we can convert the diesel to gas, LPG fuel ? wow didnt realy think it at all . Now i want your experience and what you thing is it worth it ? anyone runs this system ? Thank you .

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The compression ratio is too high in a diesel engine for petrol and there are no spark plugs for a start...

Surely it is going to be lower mpg and cost you more for the conversion anyway...?

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LPG is half the price, so is a cheaper alternative to petrol.

But I've never heard it being done to diesels! I really cant see how you could do it to a diesel?

What sort of MPG are you getting? It shouldn't be that bad?

Also, the conversions aren't cheap, for a regular petrol its about £1000 to convert! So takes ages to make it worth doing.

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Its not suitable for diesels and would cost you about £3000 to convert and would cost you that in maintenance. It works as a good alternative to petrol but you really do not want to be looking at it for diesel.

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Diesels CAN and have been converted, the fuel used is different from petrol engines though (i researched this)

it can increase power as well! :)

In this country the infrastructure for the supply/ distribution is a bit sparse

As a money- saving exersise its a non-starter as the kits start at about £1000 for the bits (diy install) and you would have to pay that up-front so you would start by being that amount out of pocket, then it would take a while before you would even break even

There are things you can do to improve MPG (modifications/ strategies- its called hypermiling) , for example, i run my car on veg oil in the summer (perfectly kegal/ 99p per litre) and get 40+ mpg out of my car - o- and its very fast

Or you could make more money, or save money, if you smoke or drink- if you give that up you would find yourself a lot richer!

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