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New Speakers?

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Hi all,

First post on here. I'm looking at upgrading the sound system in my Fiesta - I've got a 2009 1.4 Titanium 5 door. When I turn the music up loud it seems to lose any bass - I assume either the Speakers or the system itself is not good enough to handle what I want.

I am not techy in the slightest so bear with me...

1) What size Speakers would I need for my car?

2) Do I need any conversion kits either for the wiring or the Speakers?

3) is it easy to pop out the existing speakers or is it a mechanic job?

4) Has anyone had experience of replacing the actual stereo itself? It all looks like it is built in so I can't tell if you can buy fascias so you can put in a standard stereo?

Thanks - please keep it simple as I'm not technically minded!! :blink:

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