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Blower Fuse Melting

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Was wondering if anyone could help or has experienced the same problem, i have a 99 Ford foucs 1.8 Ztec,

A couple of months ago the blower stopped working on all numbers, first thing i thought was fuse and upon looking in my fuse box i found the fuse to be melted to the fuse box and it had not blown. So i changed the whole interior fan and reostat and replaced the fuse and brought a new fuse holder as the fuse box was completely melted and i had to chip away the plastic to get the fuse out!

Last week the fan went again and once again the fuse was melted and had not blown?! Im sure that this is not normal as fuses are designed to blow once there is too much volts running through.

I have hit a brick wall in trying to find the problem, have had the dash out and checked the wires for corrosion and so far all wires look good, was thinking about checking the earth points and cleaning them up? Also possibly the Resistor? Although i cant find any where that will tell me what the resistance should be and am therefore at a loss :unsure:

If anyone can help or has any other suggestions to try it would be much appreciated :rolleyes:

Thanks in Advance

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Thanks for replying, yeah they are was something we looked at but forgot to write in post the fan worked fine when used but all it takes is 10-15 mins of using and it just gets too hot and melts!

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