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Coil Light And Limp Home Mode Kicks In...

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Hi guys,

Firstly, sorry I am new here and new to Fords so may be missing something here. Apologies if there is a similar post.

Secondly, I am after some help, I have a 54 plate Mondeo Ghia Estate TDCi. Generally, the car runs great but if I am in 4th at about 50mph and move to overtake moving into 5th the engine seems to stutter a bit then it leaps into "limp home" mode and I lose the turbo, etc. The coil light goes off straight away if I turn the engine off and on again and the turbo comes back into play.

Obviously, the best thing to do would be to get the code read, but while I cannot afford to until the end of November I thought someone might have some ideas of where to look to try to solve this.

Or even better if there is anyone local to me (Fife) that has an OBD reader then I would gladly sort out some way to compensate you.

Thanks for your help

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when was the FUEL FILTER changed last ? , sounds as though on light throttle the car is fine but under load its starved of fuel hence limp mode and it resets after a re start and runs ok on light throttle.... just my 2 peneth worth ....

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POM POMS out and dancing...

Go Stef Go Go Stef go

you da man you da man

if anyone can fix it stefs your man

I am tired after the dancing about and boy the short skirt has aired my jewels :D :iim::driving:

NOT a pretty site I can assure you lol

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:o HAGGIS with respect YOU are off your nut me old mate lol ...

Come on stef , Thom is awaiting for you :P

Haha, what's wrong with haggis? I run about in my tartan skirt at the weekends trying to catch haggis :lol:

Now now Andy :lol: have you no got anything else to be doing

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Oh hang on my medication is kicking in now I can see it all clearly now......

Stef running about in his sandles and Kilt with his super ted pants on and string vest shouting...

HERE haggy haggy haggy come to daddy come to daddy ... lolol

sorry buddy maybe my medication hasn't kicked in after all and I am having a nightmare :D :D :D :D

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Just thought I'd give everyone an update.

Firstly, thanks to Stef for his many offers of help with the car, I just never found the free time to pop over so I'm sorry about that!

Now the update: so having found some time over the weekend I thought I would check the obvious, the EGR valve. Printed a how to and got under the bonnet. I took all the bolts and stuff off and the guide said to ensure you keep hold of the gaskets etc. with this in mind I was looking out for them as they came off. Off came the rubber one above and then it all became clear, as I took off the metal pipe I went grab the gasket and there was two, to my surprise I find that someone had already blanked off the EGR! I removed the blanking plate (which had NO holes therefore causing the engine management light) gave the valve a good clean anyway and reassembled the car.

Test drive time: started the car, first time start as usual. Egm light still on (not worried at this stage), drive 100 yards to the junction and look down and find the egm light has gone out! YAY! Been running it for another day and everything seems to be running fine. Still no explanation as to why someone blanked it in the first place and why they didn't look up not to completely blank a mondeo lol

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Hey, no worries mate.

Did you get my text back on Friday? I was busy until about tea time, didn't get your text till late afternoon.

As for the egr blank, I have blanked mine with a solid blank - it has been blanked for a while. I reset my eml every so often, sometimes it doesn't surface for months. The reason the egr has been blanked is because they are horrendous things and will give trouble eventually when they clog up

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And it WILL clog up and cause you grief.

Get on eBay buy a cheap code reader or a bluetooth obd connector install TORQUE on your phone and reset the light like stef does.

filthy dirty oil on the way for you too with the egr un blanked..

Best thing I ever did was blank mine off.

POWER to the BLANKING PLATE :D :D :driving: :driving:

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