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Hi, I Have A 2003 Fiesta I Just Have A Question On The Oil And Steering

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I just got a 2003 fiesta and it is in excellent condition and even has warranty on it and I like it a lot but I just have a couple of Qs...

The manual says "Ford recommends Ford/Motorcraft Formula E SAE 5w-30 for optimum performance and should be used at all times. Alternative engine oils with the viscosity SAE 5w-30 meeting the spec WSS M2C913-B may be used. For petrol WSS M2C913-A may also be used. If you cannot find an oil to meet this spec you must use SAE 5w-30 or SAE 5w-40 or SAE 10w-40 according to temps meeting requirments...blah blah"

Now when I got the car it had just been serviced and has a full service history and it just says oil "SAE 5w-30".


1. I wanted to get some of the Ford stuff but my local Ford dealer didnt have any Ford Formula, they had some "Gulf Formula FS SAE 5W-30". They told me that is what I should use and it is the best oil and made for Ford cars. The thing is this oil says "recommended for latest models of ford requiring WSS M2C913-C" I think this oil is for 2006 onwards..... Can I use this "C" version???

2. When I turn the wheel, when reversing only, I get a slight shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound. I can't really explain. My power steering fluid is about half an inch below min...dunno if that would be it?


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You dont have to buy from Ford, you can use any 5W 30 semi/fully synthetic oil you want - some examples here :- http://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-698-wss-m2c-913-b.aspx

Regarding your 'Shhhhh' noise, top up your power steering reservoir if its below the Min mark - i'd say thats just the noise the power steering rack makes, my Focus does, and being a new to you car you may just not be used to the noises it makes, but it may also be low on fluid so top it off just to be sure.

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Now when I got the car it had just been serviced

If that's the case and the power steering fluid is low, I'd be worried about what else they didn't do. Is your warranty with Ford or just that specific dealer? If with Ford, take it to another dealer and explain the car wasn't serviced properly and get them to check it over, if it's only with the dealer you bought the car from I'd go complain to them and make sure the power steering fluid was the only thing they missed.

That's just my opinion anyway, if I have a car with a warranty which had just been serviced, alarm bells would start ringing when you find problems like that.

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