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Hai few questions


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Ordered my Fiesta 1.4 Zetec 3Door (moondust silver) on friday, they say i'll have a 8-12 week wait for it.. Urgh!

Curious about delivery, has anyone had the car dropped off to them? Or is it all just picking up from the dealer? I ask because if it is getting dropped off to my house by someone delivering it by driving it up I don't want any extra miles on the clock and someone driving the car before me a long distance (could over-rev etc). Or would it be on the back of a tow truck or something?

Does anyone have any pictures of car like mine?

What are the Speakers like (I do like my loud music) I have ordered the Usb, bluetooth, Voice Control extra if that is a difference.

I'm sure there are more questions but I can't think right now!


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Mine 07 plate was delivered to me on the back of a lorry to my home, and my 58 plate new fiesta was put on back of a lorry to my work in central london as I couldnt get to garage..

depends how flexible your garage is.. ask them thats all u can do!

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