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Gears Have Shifted To The Right On The Stick - Focus 2.0 Tdci (2006)

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Hi everyone,
Wonder if someone can help. I took my car into Halfords to change 2 tyres, tracking sorted and their free 15 point check, now when I went to pick it up I found that my gear stick had shifted to the right so reverse is where 1st was, 1st and 2nd are where 3rd and 4th was, 3rd and 4th are where 5th and 6th was and I obviously can't get into 5th and 6th as the gear stick won't go any further. It was late in the day last night so I'm taking it back later, on the phone they've claimed its a coincidence but I had no trouble what so ever with it before I took it in and the problem was there as soon as I jumped in it. Does anyone now what the problem could be and how it could have occured and whether they may have adjusted anything. It's a Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI (2006).
Thanks all,


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Think with the gear cables one does left and right, then the other forwards and backwards.

Would suggest popping the trim off from around the gear shifter and see if the gear cables are still retained in their holders properly on the shifter assy, and possibly the same where the other ends mate up to the gearbox

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