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Smax Starting Problem

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Hi, my smax has developed a starting problem & now wont start at all, about a month ago I had to call out green flag as I had a flat battery, they said the battery was on its way out so I got a new one, this was fine for a few days then it seemed slow to turn over the engine, I didn't take any action as it started on the second turn or so, then it seemed to be ok, started on the button for about a week then back to slow turn over again, also when I cranked the engine it would start turning slow then speed up, today it wont start at all & when cranked sparks can be seen between the solenoid & the starter body it seems, I have checked & cleaned all earth connections & all connections on the starter???????

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ive had exactly the same problems and a new battery sorted mine out,BUT i do sometimes get the slow starting,which leads me to think its the starter motor.the starter pulls an awful lot of power from the battery so if its knackered the motor hasnt got anything to pull.

whats the battery level telling you from the on board diagnostics?

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Were any of the bolts or connection loose as you were removing the starter?

Had a couple at work with same problems and one turned out to be loose earth wire bolt to the engine that could be seen sparking out, other was starter motor brushes worn (ex taxi).

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Nothing loose Ade, the earths on the right hand side below the air filter looked rusty on the surface but OK under the bolts, the milage is over 183,000 but it looks though its been looked after by the previous owner

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