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Starter Motor Issues


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Hi guys i have a 2002 1.9tdi galaxy, about a year ago sometimes when starting the car the starter motor stayed in gauged, then after diconecting the battery and re connecting the battery is was fine, this happened about 10 times over a 3 week period but its been fine for the past year until today, the same thing happened today but when i re connected the battery the starter motor stayed in gauged until i gave it a tap with a hammer, is this solely a started motor issue or something else like a relay or the solenoid, please can you help me guys.

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No need to shout, we appreciate you may well be pulling your hair out and need the car fixed but we ain't on here all the time to help out.

For the fact the solenoid disengaged when you tapped the starter then it would suggest there is no juice going to it from the ignition so a sticky starter sounds about right.

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