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Electrical Fault Nightmare!


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Please can someone help me or even suggest a way forward. I bought a Ford Focus Titanium (2010) from Birchwood Ford in Sussex in April. I had the fault indicator light show that I needed to check the tyre pressure in June and the tyre pressure was fine but the fault light did not go out. It was still under warranty so I took it back to Birchwood to fix. They said they had tracked the tyres and everything was fine. Last week this warning light came up again and again the tyres were fine. However, I was driving to work and the immobiliser light flashed red as did the fault indicator light. I arrived at work and the car would not turn off the electrics, only the engine. I called RAC who got me to Birchwood garage who realigned the electrics and said they thought everything was ok. It was not, the next day the lights came up again, and again I had to call the RAC who got me to the garage. The garage are unable to identify the problem, they know it is not the GEM module because they tried another one and the problem was still there. Their only suggestion is that I try having a new instrument panel fitted at £520 but they could not guarantee this would cure the issue!!! If a Ford dealership can not offer me a solution what hope is there of another garage being able to help. I am at my wits end! Any help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

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