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Random Problem With Car


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I have a Fiesta 03 1.4 petrol. It has a problem that occures every now and again. It runs very eratic and stalls when you let off the power ie coming up to a junction. Like I say most times it starts up and runs quite well. Little lumpy idle but that's all. It has just recently had the top end repaired due to the cam belt snapping. I have replaced spark plugs and ht leads and made sure all pipes are connected securely. I have a warning light on that points to the alternator smart connector but there is no problem with a flat battery so I assume it is being charged correctly. I have taken it back to the garage several times but they cannot seem to get to the bottom of the problem. I hope someone can help and thanks for reading this.

Many thanks


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Hi Andy,

Stalling without error codes is normally a mechanical fault, such as a damaged fuel filter and / or line.

The error codes may be indicating the voltage is not correctly being regulated. Have you checked the battery output?

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