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Ford Focus Eolys Help.

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Got a DPF problem with my 2009 1.6 econetic focus.

Been on the phone to ford, to ask if i have eolys on this car, and they said yes.

Had a look under the car, but can't see the eolys tank, although i haven't jacked it up to see properly yet, just had a quick look.

I understand that the eolys liquid is dosed into the fuel system every time the fuel flap is closed with a magnet inside the fuel flap. but mine does not have a magnet.

I have enclosed 2 pics of my fuel flap, in hope that someone can tell me whats going on.

any help is appreciated, as i need to see if i need eolys before i replace the DPF.

so how is my eolys being dosed?

oops, sorry put the photos on upside down



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The Focus of this era changed over from DPF to cDPF. If you do have the cutover, when you jack up the back of the car, look for any thin metal pipes that go towards the fuel tank from a seperate reserve tank alongside. If you do not see any evidence of this, then you have the cDPF.

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My 2007 1.6 tdci euro iv had a replacement DPF after code p242f showed. The DPF was changed (it had lasted 100,000 miles) and then p242f reappeared the next day! It was recommended that I fill the eolys fluid which I've done today - it only took 0.5 litre not the full 2.5 litres.

Then I took a look at the fuel filler flap because I understand that it should have a magnet to dose the fuel after filling up. I can't see one!!!

Can you look at the photos and tell me whether there should be one visible?? Does anyone have a photo of their filler flap dosing sensor?

The plastic filler arm broke about 2 years ago and was replaced. Perhaps if there's no magnet dosing the fuel then the DPF is clogging up?



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