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Alloy Refurb


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hi guys. i want to refurb the alloys on my car but dont want to pay somebody to do it. does any one have a step by step guide to help do it myself. would be much appreciated. :-)

I've done it, and to be perfectly honest with you I'd pay someone to do it for you, it's easier, quicker and cheaper

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Most places will charge around £30-£40 a wheel just painting. Or around £60 for powder coating. Now it depends on what your looking for as just painting you just get the face of the wheel done. Powder coat which is much better does the full wheel inside and the face any colour you want. If you want a colour change with just paint you most likely won't get the wheel backs done.

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My local powder coaters charge £30 per wheel, includes media blasting, then primed & powder coated any base colour you like front and back. Special colours like pearls or flip are extra.

If your alloys need repairs I'd get them blasted and repaired first before powder coating is done.

I bought a set of temporary steel wheels for mine while my alloys were getting done as its about a 14 day turn around.

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