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1.0 Ecoboost Maf Sensor Problems!!!


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Hi All,

I've had my 1.0 ecoboost fiesta for just over a year now, done plenty of mods which I think may have brought on this problem.

I was leaving work xmas eve when I turned the corner and as my traction control kicked in my car came to a complete hault and stalled. when i started it again it wasn't idling properly and after a few seconds it would stall again.

Anyway managed to push it back to work and then I checked the ecu for errors, I got the following:

P0101 - Which is Mass airflow sensor (MAF)

P0113 - Which is the intake air temp sensor.

With the MAF sensor unplugged, the car runs fine, just in like a limp mode.

I then thought it was just a faulty MAF sensor so I bought a new one. Fitted to the car today and still the same problem. Ive checked for breaks in the wires but still nothing.

Can anyone help??? :(

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Warranty is definatly void,

Mods include:

Milltek exhaust and decat,

Pumaspeed induction hoses,

GGR induction kit,

Bilstein Coliovers

And a Pumapeed remap (with I've been running for about 6 months with no issues)

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Hello to who ever finds this. 

Just as Samlaza, I too had done the same mods to my fiesta 1l and got the same problem. 

From my experience I would say to check your intercooler especially if you are running a stock intercooler, the stock intercooler is metal samwiched inbetween two pieces of plastic casing and they are very fragile. In my case the intercooler blew from the casing but looked perfectly in tacked. Looked so perfect that 3 different garages missed it before Ford found it. 

I hope this brings help to whoever this problem accurs too 

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