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Remote Central Locking/indicators Not Working


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Hello chaps and lasses,

In need of help because its already cost me a fortune and still is brocken.

I have a 51 plate 1.8 tddi focus estate and the management llight came
on so ended up having new alternator etc etc not a cheap job and light
went off sorted, the next day remote cent locking stopped working i had a
auto electric block out cost me £60 to tell me every thing has power.

what dont work.
cent locking, indicators, intermittent wiper, interior lights heated
front/back windows. Any ideas or is it destind for the scrap heaven any help will be very much appriciated.

Cheers Gregg

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Sounds like it could be a GEM problem.

Go under the dash on the drivers side and there's a GEM Module with a row of coloured plugs, flip the yellow locking levers over , disconnect the plugs and reconnect them.

Sometimes you get water ingress which causes corroded connections, check the plugs and the pins on the GEM for corrosion.

If that doesnt solve the problem you will need to source a replacement GEM with the same part number as yours, fit it then code your central locking key(s) to the GEM by turning your key in the ignition from 0 to II 4 times quickly, you should hear a chime from the car, then press a button on your remote, you will hear the same chime again which tells you the fob is paired to the GEM. If you have more than one fob you will need to program it at same time or it won't work.

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Morning Ade Happy new year to you.

Thats what the auto electrician said but they cost about 300, just spent 400 on it in various things but i surpose it got to be done its drives and drinks fuel brill. i will go and investigate later. Thanks for the help your a good ern.

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Hey up people.

I have looked at the Gem unit like Ade says and it all looks fine and clean but i have orderd one off eBay guarenteed working for £20 it got to be worth a go for £20 will keep you informed cheers folks. :-)

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Hi Gregg, happy new year to you too!

Yeah I meant to say in my above post, try to source a second hand one with the same part number as yours.

Hope it solves your issues, keep us informed how you get on.

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Hey up Ademk1

I have to say a big thank you to you. So THANK YOU.

The £20 gem unit came today so i had to fit it strait away and see if it works and it !Removed! did Nice one.

I must say how you explained where it was what it looked like and how to take it of for a complete novis you made it so easy. you have saved me a furtune. The auto elec bloke already charged me £60 and then told me it would cost £300ish to sort WELL BLARR to yo £20 mate.

Cheers Ade and many thanks

Gregg :rolleyes:

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You're welcome Gregg. Glad I could help. Now you know a bit more about your car and you're a couple of hundred quid flush, win win!

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Hi could anyone please help maybe AdeMk1 I have Ford C max 2012 plate automatic 7 seater the two fob have stop working and it's not the battery in them the batteries are fine, and now the indicators, water for the windscreen wipers has stopped working which is all on the steering wheel. Side I had the garage looked at it and he said I need some sort of body module for the passenger side I rang ford they stating £300 pounds any other suggestions please thanks Mo 

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