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Hi folks.

First off a happy new year to all. secondly the Ford offer of replacement of the oval badges is to be continued in 2015 or so this e-mail seems to confirm as sent to me today in response to my enquiry.

Hope this helps someone.

Subject: Oval badge Replacement


A query please. I had my Mondeo 2007 Ghia X booked in to replace the rear oval badge on the 23rd Dec but had to cancel due to daughters baby being born. Do you know if you are going to repeat this offer of free replacement of badges in the coming year?

Many Thanks

Hi Barrie,

Yes this program will be extended into the new year,


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Hi Barry. What's this about like pal. Why they offering a free replacement? :-)

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Ford will replace (free of charge) the Ford badges on any Ford under 10 years old if they have become damaged, faded or are missing.

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how do i go about doing this? the rear badge on my mondeo could do with replacing as the chrome is corroded

Contact your local ford dealer & tell them you want a replacement ford badge, they should then replace the badge for free.

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I had the rear badge done on my focus not long ago, be prepared to have heated discussions as some dealers don't like doing it. They offered it as they know the badges are crap and fall apart quickly, so they replace them for free.

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Hi. My local dealer would do it but wanted to do a safety check as well but no problem as I told them I would not be paying for anything and to advise me only if anything needed doing and they were ok with that but be prepared!!!

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The reason ford badges get wrecked is the acid from all the cans of Dutch Gold in the Saliva of all the Vauxhall drivers in your area

The scum are spitting on your superior blue oval badge corroding it.

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