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Split Hose


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Don't suposse anyone knows the part number to this hose it's the one coming up from the bottom front of the engine bay and up in to what I assume is the throttle body and does anyone know the best place to grab it cheap


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send me your vin number, was in microcat for someone else so had a wee look, it doesn't look exactly like any of the pictures on their though


im buying mine from these guys, they do several different ones so we would need a specific part number for your car

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Sorry for bumping an old topic but I did post the exact same problem yesterday but no replies yet.


Does anybody know where I can find this pipe? It doesn't seem to even exist!!! I have searched every car spares retailer known to man, eBay has nothing that even closely resembles this pipe, the MK2 owners group on FB that I joined cannot offer me a suggestion for a name or part number.


It is for a 2006 1.6 TDCi focus. You would think that for such a common car, the parts would be readily available anywhere!!


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am getting desperate now, I have appointments coming up and need my car.

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