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Quick Clear Windscreen Defects

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The QC windscreen on my new transit courier van has dust patches and suction marks mainly on the drivers side and it's really peeing me off.

Has this defect been noticed before?

I've cleaned it then polished it twice then scratched it with my finger nail so it is not wax or polish like the dealer is saying it could be.

It's only noticable at night under lights or with direct sunlight and more distracting than obscuring the view of the road.

I'm going to take it back to the dealer to try to get them to change it.

What are your opinions?



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No luck with this from the dealer.

They say it is a common fault and both of their fiesta's have the same problem.

I'll look at some viehicles at my local evans halshaw at the weekend and stop by at auto glass to get their opinion.

Has any one on here noticed similar defects?

If this is in the wrong section I'm sorry I'm new here. :rolleyes:

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I've been to look at other new ford vans and cars today and cant see anything with problems like mine. Autoglass agreed it shouldn't have anything visible in the glass apart from the heated elements.

If you read this and haven't noticed any dust patches or suction ring marks, could you reply with a post to say yours looks fine.

I may be able to show it to the dealer when I go back as evidence that its not a common problem and I should have a replacement.

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I've had three Foci with heated screens and never came across marks like you describe except where I've stuck something like a satnav up.

Did you actually see the Fiestas?

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I'm on my 4th ford with heated windscreen and I've never come across this problem before apart from as previously pointed out where a sat nav or similar has been stuck on

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Not noticed this on mine and I have the qc windscreen. There's no way I can see it being a common fault. Seems to me the suction cups are the problem I guess they have been dirty with something that's caused this. I'd be back at the dealer demanding a new screen as this is a safety issue in my eyes. As if it's distarcting your view it's a defect they should rectify you want to go down the route of rejection of the vehicle due to not being fit for purpose and of a satisfactory quality for sale.

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Hi,, i have noticed suction cup marks from my sat nav holder, but a vigorous rub with a damp cloth clears it.
See if you can get a statment from Auto glass and maybe one from a Frod tech, then take it back and tell em to sort it or ram it and you want your money back.

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As said, go back to Autoglass and see if you can get them to write you up a letter stating the defects in the windscreen which shouldnt be there. Maybe the marks are from the suction cups on the robots at the factory and they failed to pick it up on the Quality Control at the factory or the Pre Delivery Inspection at the dealer.

Go back to the dealer armed with the letter and see if they will replace the windscreen.

Also ask to see these other vehicles with the same defect to compare with yours, maybe they are just trying to blag you with excuses to get out of having to sort it out, or if they do have the same defect maybe they were made in the same batch of windscreens as yours?

Either way the windscreen shouldnt have defects, its dangerous and these days bonded windscreens in modern cars are part of the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Good luck, hope you get a good outcome.

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Focus here with QC, no marks here, but it is on second windscreen, old ST24 had original in, that bugger was 16 years old and QC and apart from a few elements being knackered, didn't have marks either. They are talking crap.

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