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Rear Roll Bar Bushes Replace


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Hi all.

Come to replace rear roll bar bushes and sure enough the screws snapped off no matter how care full I was. The question is what thoughts about drilling though and 8mm nut and bolt right through IF drill and tapping them out doesn't work. IE nut on top and bolting through so the nut is on top of the captive original providing there is enough room to get in,I gave up after removing the roll bar complete as I was sooooo cold.

ps anybody know the bolt size and thread pitch so I can sort the taps ie m8 x 0.75 ?

Your thoughts please!


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Would say the bolts just use standard metric threads rather than metric fine used with larger bolts on bikes.

So it'll be M8x1.25 then M10x1.5 etc.

If you get some spare bolts you can lay them next to one of the old bolts, if the threads interlock then pitch is correct.

Nut and bolt should work as a plan B fix, captive nuts mainly save time in assembly and simplify processes by only needing a single tool to make the joint.

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Yep think I'll get m8x 1.25 and try tapping. At the moment I am without roll bar and finally no knocking YEAH. I will leave it off until warmer weather and then drop the subframe and sort it. I have some poly bushes so will get it all done together and it feels better without the roll bar as I don't throw it around and seems a smoother ride at the back with the low profiles.

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